I was never a comfortable public speaker mostly because by nature I am actually quite shy. But becoming a politician has actually made me a much better speaker. So much so that I am now excited to get in front of people and share thoughts and ideas on subjects I am passionate about.

In 2017, I developed my alter ego, The Queen of Living Clean, and for the last few years I have conducted workshops on a subject I am very keen on: ways that we can mitigate the toxic loads on our bodies.

I have the following workshops available and I am available for speaking opportunities so please reach out to me if you are interested to connect on this!

Workshops are available for corporate events such as lunch n learns as well as specialty events including cruise ship talks, retreats, workshops put on by others,  etc. There are three to choose from:

1. Clean Up Your Life: A 1-hour info session great for getting basic info on the 12 areas to look at in relation to living a cleaner lifestyle. This program is suitable for consumers or corporate lunch n learns.

2. How Well is Your Being?: A 4-hour workshop which builds on the 12 areas outlined in Clean Up Your Life. This workshop drills down deeper into ways to mitigate the toxic stress areas and will allow participants to leave with a blueprint for their wellness.

3. Face Your Acne: Based on my best selling 2016 book “Face Your Acne“, I offer a workshop and/or info session designed for teens, which outlines 10 holistic ways to heal acne. My book is available on my online store MySkinSalon.com or Kindle and Amazon!

I wrote another book, this time a collaboration with 15 other women, WOW – 15 Influential Women Share Empowering Stories of Life and Leadership. This book was an instant best seller when it launched and served as a great launch for me into the speaking realm as it related to my above topics. This book is also available on MySkinSalon.com!