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I believe that to take our health we need to be proactive. Part of this is we are what we put in our bodies and this includes our skincare and beauty products. I have spent 10 years in the skincare business operating a Vancouver-based skincare clinic and wellness centre. I have learned a lot about skincare and I firmly believe you have to invest in quality skincare that is free of harmful ingredients, fragrances, mineral oils, colour, preservatives and is not tested on animals. Everything you put on your body will end up in your body so best to invest in high quality products in order to have better health! 


In 2016 I launched my clean skincare online store Here you can check out professional-grade products that are effective and clean!





Pursuit 365:

Co-authored by 365 Canadian Women who lead by example in the every-day pursuit of success, happiness, and achievement. Paperback edition in full colour! Released on International Womens Day, March 8 2021!

This book is available on for $45.00

Confidence Secrets to Empower and Inspire 

By: A Collaboration including Estrellita Gonzalez

Estrellita Gonzalez has teamed up with Diane Rolston (Coach, Speaker & CEO of Dynamic Women®) and several other Top Thought Leaders, Experts and a select group of leading entrepreneurs and professionals as a Contributor to the new book, Dynamic Women® Confidence Secrets!

This NEW “Game-Changing Book” REVEALS how you can use simple tips to increase your confidence, boost your motivation, and feel empowered to achieve your goals. Boosting these qualities is especially important at this time of COVID.

With many inspiring stories and real-life examples, you’ll have amazing tips and tools to achieve a variety of goals, the real SECRETS behind being confident AND messages to empower your week and set a positive mood for your day!

Estrellita Gonzalez, an accomplished entrepreneur, was selected for the book because of her commitment to serving others and willingness to share her secrets for living a confident life.

This book is available on for $25.00



Face Your Acne – 10 Holistic Ways to Eliminate Acne

By Estrellita Gonzalez

Do you have Acne? Here are 10 ways you can get rid of it once and for all. Using a holistic approach your body can heal itself, it just needs the right environment. This book will share with you ideas you can take today to make small changes that will greatly improve your acne. This book is suitable for teens, parents of teens and anyone suffering from acne as the ideas here are easy and effective, you just need to take action. 

This book is available on for $9.99 as well as on Kindle and Amazon

Face Your Acne

This book highlights 10 key areas teens and their parents can work on to get their acne under control in a holistic manner.



WOW Women of Worth: 15 Influential Women Share Empowering Stories of Leadership and Life

By: A Collaboration including Estrellita Gonzalez


WOW Woman Of Worth is a collection of powerful real-life stories from fifteen fabulous females who share how they have moved through extraordinary challenges to lead successful and joyful lives.

LEARN the specific strategies these influential women used to triumph over hardships, so you too can lead a truly abundant life. This book is deeply authentic and inspiring, and invites you to take your next empowering step.

This book is available on for $20! 

Wow Book

Woman of Worth: 15 Influential Women Share Empowering Stories of Leadership and Life.