Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. — Henry David Thoreau

Who wants the best in life? For many that means feeling good, looking great and money in the bank to do what you want.

I get it! That has been my goal for the last 15 years. So I have spent this time defining my purpose and slowly creating the life and lifestyle that makes me happy and fulfilled. This journey has included starting a business, raising a child, holding political office and developing many different streams of income. My goal is 10 streams and I am almost there! It has also included a passion for sharing health & wealth information and products. I created this website to help educate and hopefully motivate others to use the tools to create their dream lifestyle!

I love helping others, always have. I have found unique opportunities to help me and others create their dream lives. So on this page you will find products that I use and which help me achieve my financial and health goals. 

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Wealth Generating Products

There is a whole new world evolving involving the digital evolution of money and business. The traditional way of doing business and making money is changing. I have been exploring crypto currency, affiliate marketing, network marketing, and digital marketing now for several years. My intention is to do this full time when I decide. In the meantime, I save some of my earnings in the new world and some of my favourites are noted below!

Well Beyond: Be Well, Do Good, Have more!

I love this company as it combines my two passions, Health and Wealth! It offers a set of tools in the Digital Wealth generation space offering an opportunity to grow your money in emerging areas including the hottest trend right now: cryptocurrency. To see how you too can get involved with the Beyond Wealth program, Check out the details here!

Crypto Savings Plan

People I know and trust have developed a Crypto formula to promote passive savings that surpasses almost anything else out there. Follow the plan and sit back while your savings grow passively and exponentially!


A crypto wallet that pays you interest on your crypto! Great place to store and earn. To sign up please visit here.

Torque Savings Wallet

Coin Zoom

An alternate wallet offering trading, holding, low fees, Visa debit card, tokens and more. To sign up or learn more visit here!

Coin Zoom Wallet


QubitTech provides clients with effective ways to receive royalty payments from the use of quantum technologies, as well as to grant users with exclusive access to strategic partners’ platforms. Qubittech’s direct partners have patents in the field of quantum computing, which are used by QubitTech in the cryptocurrency market. Its’ automated trading tools allow for residual income with low fees compared to other trading platforms. 

To sign up check out the link here! 


Passive Crypto Earnings!



CashFX offers a Forex Trading Academy plus proprietary automated trading technology that allows for weekly payouts on paid positions. This is the beauty, it is automated so you do not need to do any trading yourself. To sign up check out the link here!