A Little About Me! 

I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and our journey in this life is to figure out what that means. What brings you joy? For me I make conscious choices on how I spend my time, with whom and have figured out what my own unique values in life are.

Life is a wonderful journey and you know what? You can create it to look as you wish.

I am here to inspire, share and connect.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Love & Light,



My career has spanned a number of industries from hospitality, telecom and television to health, wellness and education. Since 2010 I have been on a journey of self development and evolution, working to get clear on my why and on creating the life I envision myself having. Each year gets me closer to the ideal life. Today, I operate my skincare clinic, wellness centre, have authored several books and in 2017 became a politician. All of these represent pieces of myself and continue to move me forward to new goals and experiences.

I am also a marketer at heart. I was trained in traditional marketing a long time ago but the Internet has changed how we market. In many ways it has actually made it easier and certainly more cost effective and results-oriented.

As I transition myself to living a more fluid lifestyle including travelling more, I wanted to set myself up as a subject matter expert in the field of wellbeing, wealth and health. So I turned to Six Figure Mentors to help me fill the gaps in my knowledge base. I have been impressed with their training and most importantly, with their values and community.

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